Recent Reviews of our Paddles

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  • "The other players that I play against in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are freaking out about the design. They also tell me that it's more difficult to read the shot with this paddle as opposed to the
    conventional model. I cannot thank you enough for coming up with this
    design. It has made my game much more enjoyable."
    - Malcolm

  • "I ordered the Avenger a few months ago after having struggled with tennis elbow and having to quit pickleball for a period of time. During my recovery I did some internet research and found the Avenger. I came back after healing to try the Avenger and I love the results. I would say I am still working the learning curve of this paddle, but have not experienced a single issue with the elbow since. I am so satisfied with it that I just ordered the Avenger CF today, as I plan to make these my paddles of choice going forward."


  • "I have been playing with the Prowler for the past year and LOVE it...My elbow had been killing me with the popsicle stick paddle (Especially the longer reach ones). I think hitting towards the top of the longer paddle put extra stress on the elbow!? I am thinking about getting another model paddle from you guys"
    - Tracy