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PBZ Paddles is proud to provide the ONLY US Patented and USAPA Approved ergonomic paddle designs for the Pickleball Community.

Normal should feel more Natural!

Typical paddle gripping

Typical Paddle Gripping

Intro Video to PBZ Paddles

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The Ergonomic Advantage

The Ergonomic Advantage

PaddleBoardZ Originals

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Material Compositions

PBZpaddles uses some of the highest quality materials available. Our paddles are made from three separate honeycomb-core and facing combinations; Kevlar/Carbon Fiber, Aluminum/Fiberglass and Polyethylene/Poly Chopped Fiber. Select any of our paddles listed for a description of each paddle's individual material make-up.

Gun-grip handle shape

Straightarm power shot

Paddle Shown: Avenger EQ9-88

Avenger X EQ9-88X

USPTO Design Patented Paddles

One of the original designs, circa 2002

Paradigm 1X PBZ1X


"The other players that I play against in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are freaking out about the design. They also tell me that it's more difficult to read the shot with this paddle as opposed to the conventional model. I cannot thank you enough for coming up with this design. It has made my game much more enjoyable.


Hello, Just wanted to let you know that I ordered the Avenger a few months ago after having struggled with tennis elbow and having to quit pickleball for a period of time. During my recovery I did some internet research and found the Avenger. I came back after healing to try the Avenger and I love the results. I would say I am still working the learning curve of this paddle, but have not experienced a single issue with the elbow since. I am so satisfied with it that I just ordered the Avenger CF today, as I plan to make these my paddles of choice going forward. Though, I have been playing for only a year and a half, I am addicted to this sport and really appreciate that you have developed this wonderful alternative to the "standard" paddle. Thanks.


I have been playing with the Prowler for the past year and LOVE it...My elbow had been killing me with the popsicle stick paddle (Especially the longer reach ones). I think hitting towards the top of the longer paddle put extra stress on the elbow!? I am thinking about getting another model paddle from you guys."


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For information on our unique, US Patented paddle designs or our PBZ Paddle Demonstration Program, contact us at PBZpaddles@gmail.com