About PBZ Paddles

Home of the Ergo-Grip Pickleball Paddles. PBZ Paddles is proud to provide the ONLY US Patented and USAPA Approved ergonomic paddle designs for the Pickleball .


PBZ Paddles started off with an idea drawn on a post-it-note for a racquetball or tennis racket in the early 1980’s. Fast forward 20 plus years later and PBZ Paddles is the only patented ergonomic alternative available in the sport of Pickleball today. Our design can minimize the wrist torsional flexing and allow power to transfer from the entire arm and upper body directly to the ball.


PBZ Paddles are made from cutting-edge materials in a innovative design intended to help the Pickleball Community play this fast growing sport pain-free while allowing shot advantages that are difficult to perform using a traditionally-shaped paddle.


We remain resolved to the performance and risk mitigation characteristics of our paddle line and will be persistent in our goals to help the Pickleball Community enjoy this sport and play pain-free for years to come!