PBZ Paddles Demonstration Program Request

    Demo the Avenger XLX

    Thank you for your interest in our unique paddle design. PBZ Paddles is a direct to consumer company, so we offer an opportunity to try out the paddle first so you can experience for yourself the unique potential of our innovative design. We are committed to customer satisfaction, and our try before you buy program helps us ensure customer satisfaction before purchase. Here is the information regarding our Demonstration Program.

    PBZ Paddles Demonstration Program Request

    1. Visit our website Demo Program Information page to identify a PBZ model you would like to try. (Note: If the model you select is not available as a Demo we will notify you immediately)

    2. We then put you in the queue for the next available demo of the model you've selected.

    3. Once the demo becomes available to us, we will then ship it to you at our cost with an introductory email on how best to demo our unique design and the tracking information.

    4. You enjoy the paddle, discovering the natural feel of the innovative design and maybe even some new shots for up to 2-3 weeks. (It is recommended not to switch back and forth from your current paddle during this time)

    5. We also ask that you maintain possession of the paddle(s) whereabouts at all times.

    6. After a couple of weeks, you then ship the paddle back to us for the next player to enjoy (This leg of the shipping is at your expense, typically less than $8 US)

    7. Your feedback on your demo experience is greatly appreciate and we look forward to your comments.

    **Demo Paddles may have slight blemishes so their condition does not represent our production stock paddles. Therefore, they are not available for purchase.

    If you need help selecting a Demonstration paddle, with a few basic details regarding your game such as what skill level you play at, are you more concerned with power/speed (hard game), finesse/placement (soft game) or both, and if you are trying to mitigate injury, what injury? With this info, we can help you select a demo paddle that will best suit your needs. We will then put you in the queue to receive the next demo available. Right now turn around time is less than a week but the sooner you are in line, the faster we can get a demo to you. If this is agreeable, simply select a paddle model or provide those details requested above and we'll do the rest.

    Purchasing a paddle is easy at www.pbzpaddles.com and they usually ship within a day or two.

    We think you'll be surprised at how easy it is to acclimate to the design and soon discover shots not currently available with any other paddle out there.

    Thank you for the inquiry and your interest in PBZ paddles.