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The Avenger is one of our most popular paddle shapes made from aircraft-grade honeycomb aluminum, a fiberglass face and protective vinyl overlay and is suited for fast reaction times and great softness at the net. This is an easy paddle to transition to if you've been using a non-ergonomic, "popsicle" shaped paddle, regardless of your skill level. Most players using this paddle hesitate to use anything else once acclimated to the Avenger softness feel and speed at the net. All PBZ models have been tested and USAPA approved for all sanctioned events.

Avenger Specifications

Aluminum Core/Fiberglass Face with Vinyl Skin Overlay

Dimensions: 7.75" x 12.75", 20.5" Overall (combined)
Typical weight: 9.2 oz.in Straight-Grip (added weight for more power) Please specify at checkout

Currently available in Straight or Gun grip